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La journée d’étude « Literary States of Consciousness » se tiendra le jeudi 2 juin 2016, à l’Institut du monde anglophone de la Sorbonne Nouvelle (5, rue de l’École de médecine, Paris).
Cette journée se tiendra en anglais.
Préinscription souhaitée avant le 30 mai / Please register here before May 30th :
10:50                   Opening
11:00–12:45      Embodied experience of fictional environments
Alexa Weik Von Mossner (University of Klagenfurt)
Embodied Simulation and Emotion in the Evocation of Literary Environments
Dominique Makowski, Marco Sperduti, Pascale Piolino (Sorbonne Paris Cité / INSERM, Center for Psychiatry & Neuroscience,)
The Sense of Reality as a feature of proto-Consciousness, its Alteration and Generation induced by Fictional Worlds
Coline Joufflineau (Paris 1 / Paris 8)
Slow Times and Accelerated Transformations: to Read and to Meditate
12:45–13:45      Lunch
13:45–15:15      Duke Neurohumanities Summer School
Student presentations
15:15–15:30      Coffee break
15:30–16:40      Meandering thoughts, streams of consciousness
Jérôme Sackur (École des hautes études en sciences sociales / CNRS)
Varieties of Access to the Stream of Consciousness: Descriptive Experience Sampling, Neurophenomenology and Automatic Writing
Christof Diem (University of Innsbruck)
“How Can I Return to Form, Now My Formal Thought Has Gone?” – Meandering Thought in Contemporary British Drama
16:40–16:50     Coffee break
16:50–18:00      Summoning the past, subverting the future through altered states of consciousness
Christine Lehleiter (University of Toronto)
Beyond Consciousness: Literary States of Memory
Gilles Viennot (Université de Fayetteville)
              Novels from the Past: the Last Road Map Against Deathly Nonsense
18:00–18:30      Roundtable
With Deborah Jenson and Leonard White (Duke University), Grazia Pulvirenti and Renata Gambino (Catania University)
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